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Online Car Auctions

Our online vehicle trading platform and first-class customer service ensure that buyers and sellers can trust us to make car sales more efficient, easier, fair and transparent. Vehicle buyers experience excellent value and convenience and vendors can rely on an efficient sales platform to liquidate the best value from their assets. We can provide full national coverage, right across the UK and Ireland.

Online auctions are a well-established system of trading new and used vehicles that helps buyers and sellers connect. It is a successful, effective concept with a proven track record that everybody can rely on. An online vehicle auction will run for a predetermined period of several days. At the end, the stock is sold to the highest bidder. The online format permits the flexibility to lodge a maximum bid at any time.

A potential buyer can search online for the vehicle they are interested in then thoroughly inspect the car online. With a detailed description provided for every vehicle complete with photographs, the buyer can be confident they are buying at the right price. A major advantage with an online sale is that the customer isn’t just restricted to stock at their local car sales yard. They can participate in sales throughout the UK and Ireland, which instantly gives them a far broader range of choice.

A buyer or dealer can access a broad range of quality, wholesale vehicles from organisations wanting to move on second-hand vehicles like fleet owners, government departments, police forces, and insurance companies.

When the desired vehicle is located, the buyer simply registers to bid online. They can place a bid or set a maximum bid. Successful bids will require a deposit and the buyer then organises payment and transport directly from the auction site to their property.

The vehicle seller or dealer can look forward to the fast turnaround of their car, through a secure and transparent system.

Some of the advantages of car auctions online include:

• Ongoing, regular events
• National network of sellers and buyers
• Fast results
• Selling direct from hundreds of locations across the UK
• Registration is simple and free
• The buyer controls their highest bid
• The seller can set their reserve price
• Your new vehicle can be transported directly to your desired location
• You receive assistance and guidance through the entire process
• Auction catalogues can be emailed to you
• Quality vehicle descriptions and specifications backed up with images
• Place your bids at your leisure, any time 24/7

Car dealers have found the online system convenient and reliable. They can watch and hear the bidding in real-time via video streaming technology in the comfort of their own office, during a live auction.