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Drumshanbo Cattle & Sheep online Mart

We offer an independent digital platform for trading cattle, providing better access to information and trading opportunities for the livestock industry. Our expertise ensures digital solutions for livestock trading to promote a thriving agricultural sector.

The farming sector relies on this market leader to provide the best online platform for the buying and selling of cattle. We conduct live-streamed online cattle auctions in the U.K & Ireland, with the best possible stock, to enable a value-added livestock trading transaction. This has proven to be the most effective way to buy and sell top quality cattle.

Our platform offers a wide selection of choice and fosters reliable, trusted connections between the buyer and the seller. This is a secure and independent vehicle for the agricultural community to transact deals and conduct trading via a digital handshake.

We conduct regular, real-time online sales of breeding and stud cattle on a weekly basis. Sales are interfaced with video and audio streaming and offer selling options that include spot, forward, live weight, carcass weight and cost per head.

The advantages of conducting your trading through a digital progressive platform of this calibre include reduced costs and increased animal welfare. This increasingly popular, progressive mode of transacting business offers significant positives.

• The farmer achieves maximum exposure to potential buyers, nationally
• The buyers and sellers can connect directly and securely
• There is top quality, fair and accurate official assessment and reporting of weight
• Vendors can accurately present their livestock with our official assessment
• The farmer’s reserve can be set

The buyer can bid any time, from anywhere, for exactly what they want without having to drive to distant locations to view the cattle and without having to rely on word of mouth.

The entire digital auction process ensures improved stock performance due to the minimised transporting and handling that is known to generate stress. Online auctions enable better outcomes for the stock being sold, reduced costs for the vendor and the buyer is assured of better performance of their purchases due to reduced stress to the stock throughout the whole sales process.

More and more cattle breeders and buyers are turning to online digital sales marts to buy and sell their livestock online. In an age of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on gatherings, your safety is protected by your ability to remotely view and purchase the livestock you need. At the same time, vendors are safeguarded against having to gather at stockyards to oversee the sales of their stock lots.

This platform operates to add value to the cattle industry through the reduced costs for the vendor, increased sales for the vendor and better access to quality stock for the buyer. The industry saves money, makes money, and saves time while at the same time ensuring better animal welfare.


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