How to register as a bidder

Step 1:

Please select the burger menu

how to register 1

Step 2:

Click "Create Account"

how to register 2

Step 3:

Fill in all details marked with an asterix*

how to register 3

Step 4:

You will receive a confirmation Email from us. Please check your email and click the link to confirm your account.

how to register 4

Step 5:

Once you have confirmed your email you will be redirected to our website to log in. Enter your log in details.

how to register 5

Step 6:

Select your auction and click "register to bid" button to request becoming a bidder.

how to register 6

Step 7:

Tick terms and conditions box and click "confirm registration" botton.

how to register 7

Step 8:

Your auctioneer will review your application and once approved you will be able to bid in the auction.
Please contact the auctioneer if you haven't been approved within 24hrs.

how to register 8

Click Here to learn how to bid once approved