How to bid on a lot.

Once your application to bid has been succcessful select the auction you wish to bid on.

how to bid 1

Click here to place a bid on a live auction. The Auctioneer will decide the bid increments, reducing the size of the increment as the auction progresses.

how to bid 2

During the auction the Auctioneer will give fair warning of the hammer by announcing going once, going twice.

how to bid 6

You can pre-bid on items before they come into the ring. Enter the value of your max bid here. Once the auction goes live your pre-bid will automatically bid on your behalf topping other bids until your max bid has been reached. Other bidders will not see the value of your prebid.

how to bid 3

You will be able to see when your bid is currently the highest or when you have been outbid.

how to bid 4

You can follow your bids progress by selecting the my bids tab.

how to bid 7

Sometimes the Auctioneer may pause bidding. In this case the bidding paused will be shown on the bidding tab.

how to bid 8

If you are successful with any bids you will be notified immediately by email of your winning bid.